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Emergency Referral Numbers: VESH (S. Deerfield) 413 665 4911

Upstate Veterinary Specialties (Latham) 518 783 3198

Allen Heights Vet Hospital Covid-19 protocol update as of May 28, 2021

For now we are continuing curbside and drop off service for all appointments and food & medication pick ups.

Our curbside polices are staying the same.


  • Have your cell phones with you. You will still be calling from the
  • parking lot.
  • Have patience and use kind speech with the staff.
  • Wear masks interacting with the staff, even if you are are fully vaccinated.
  • Covid screening questions may now include the question “Are you fully vaccinated (as determined by CDC)”

Our summer goal is to integrate in person visits into our current curbside and drop off appointment services.

This transitional period is an opportunity to look at our business model and take time to re imagine all the possible services we could offer. As we move forward through this time of optimism, of hope and (well deserved) relief, we aspire to re-emerge as a healthy and happy business entity.

May all of you stay healthy and content as well ~Dr. Tullett


 Monday:           8-5
Tuesday:            8-1
Wednesday:      8-5
  Thursday:          8-5 
    Friday:             8-5 
  Saturday:          8-1

*** UPDATE*** 8/29/20 

Covid-19/Coronavirus/SARS-2 updates are listed below

Our practice is constantly evolving is response to current Covid-19 recommendations from the CDC, AVMA, MVMA, Commonwealth of Massachusetts and local government requirements

Due to the current Covid19 situation, and out of concern for both the health of our clients and our staff, we have made some changes to how we are handling our appointments. We are operating curbside and drop appointments until further notice.  We are selectively scheduling routine appointments, elective surgeries, and technician appointment visits until further notice. We may need to reschedule these appointments depending on changing staffing capabilities (some staff have childcare needs).  Due to the cleaning and spatial timing between having people in the clinic/exam rooms, curbside and drop off appointments are the most efficient way we can accommodate our client patient needs.  However, this is inherently a less efficient system over all and wait times can be longer.  The only time we are allowing a pet owner in the clinic is for euthanasia.  We limit this to one pet owner in the exam room at a time with your pet.  Masks and social distancing is required if you are in the hospital.  You will see us wearing masks, gloves and in some cases, gowns.  We also need you to wear your masks when we are talking with you car side.  Please adhere to the 6 feet social distancing requirement when you are outside waiting for your pet. This is all done to limit peoples (all the peoples) exposure to each other and to the staff. If one of our staff gets this, or goes on quarantine, we are all affected and that could shut us down...and we don't want that. We also don't want you to spread or contract the virus.  A decision like this is not made easily. We are concerned about the health of your pets, however your health, and that of our staff are of equal concern.

Emergency care:  Sick pets and emergent needs will be seen during the day.  Our after hour emergency care has changed due to staffing.  We are on call M-Th, some Friday evenings until 10 pm.  Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm. This is a phone triage service.  We may be able to come in and see your pet in the evening.  We don't have on call staff for weekend after hour emergencies.   If deemed necessary, you will be referred to one of our emergency referral hospitals.  Our after hours emergency number is 413 347 9033.

Because appointment space is limited we have instituted a $25 no show/ no call fee.  We instituted this because on any given day we any number of patients that could use that space.  If we don't know that an appointment isn't going to come in we can't offer that appointment to another client/patient.  This fee gets put on your account.

If your pet needs to be seen and you are not feeling well or have travelled to any 'hot state' then please call us for advice and a plan on how to proceed in advance.  We will ask screening questions and appreciate your honest answers.

 We are all living, working and trying to do the best we can during this unprecedented time.  Frustration, fear, stress, and a general 'fed up- ness' levels are high.  But...we can't tolerate being abused or berated because you are feeling irritated in the moment.  We are always willing to listen to your concerns and will try to accommodate your needs and desires but ill mannered temper tantrums and downright rudeness won't be tolerated.  Please be polite to the highly qualified, experienced and kind staff.  

We are stocked with food and medicine.  Please call ahead for refills and food orders.  We need 24 hour notice to review the chart and fill any prescriptions.  When you arrive to pick up, call us from your cell phone.  We will bring your supplies out to your car.  We will take payment over the phone with credit card to facilitate efficient service for you.

We will advise you of changing recommendations via our email service, facebook page and website. Please call our office with any questions. We understand this is a difficult and frustrating situation, and we care about your pets. We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust our service procedures.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,
Dr Tullett and the staff of AHVH

1) AVMA recommendations for veterinary professionals: Hygiene protocols in the hospital: we will be doing additional cleaning on all common use surfaces every hour with disinfectant. Staff will follow CDC guidelines and the AVMA guidelines regarding the handling of animals from effected households.

2) Since animals can be 'fomites/vectors', that is, the virus can be on their fur, and someone handling them may pick up the virus. Kind of like handling a contaminated phone, we will be extra cautious in handling of them. And, speaking of pets and coronavirus: To date there is no evidence of them shedding and transmitting the COVID 19 disease to humans. But they may have virus on their fur if they have been around an infected person. AVMA is cautioning people to not kiss their pets, nor share food with them at this time.

3) AHVH policies: see the CDC guidelines above. We will be doing this and we need you to as well. We want to keep everyone safe. Our in house hygiene practice is being ramped up. Our staff are instructed to call out and self quarantine if they or any family member is suspect of Covid-19 exposure/illness.  All staff are taking their temperatures upon arrival to work. We are all wearing face masks in the building.



Acupuncture, LASER appointments have been postponed at this time due to social distancing and staffing limitations.


Please contact us at (413) 443-4949 for all your pet health care needs. 

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