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~Animal Normalization Therapy~
ANT is a collection of manual therapies based on osteopathic principals and theory. The underlying premise is that the body, in its natural and uncompromised state, is capable of self healing and maintaining balance. This work is done with hands on the pet, working through the soft connective tissues, fluids and rhythms of the body.
ANT combines Functional Indirect Techniques, viscero-vascular reflexes, cranio-sacral therapy, neuro-vascular reflexes and lymphatic reflexes to find and release areas of stagnation.  Stagnation is inflammation, pain and tension.   There are many underlying causes for stagnation such as trauma (hit by car), surgery (joint, organ, skin), and overuse (agility dogs for example).  By using these techniques, ANT assists in restoring natural flow and ease of movement within the pets body.  
Over a 3 year span Dr. Tullett completed all 6 courses offered by Patricia Kortekaas, and successfully earned a certification for ANT practitioner in 2016.  
Here is a link to the courses she offers:
My work in this area is also heavily influenced by my yoga studies with Patty Townsend of Yoga Center Amherst and Embodyoga (tm).  Also by the movement and developmental principals taught by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (School of Body Mind Centering (tm)).  After experiencing for myself the innate healing available in our own bodies I naturally wanted to bring this to my work with animals.  I have been drawn to many types of 'body work' such as massage, acupressure  acupuncture/LASER, Reiki, and Animal Normalization Therapy.  All of them have something to offer  and I am very happy to be able to integrate all of these techniques into my treatment recommendations for my patients.