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Nutrition is life, literally.  It's a basic need of all of us.  And nutrition can affect health and healing just as it can create imbalance and disease states.  What we eat is considered medicine by some because it is so potent.  If you think about it digestion and assimilation of nutrients is a biochemical process in the body--no wonder we can think of food as a tonic or a toxin.  It is the same for our animals.  Back in the day our domestic dogs and cats ate what they hunted or scavenged and whatever leftovers we gave them. Then with the industrial revolution and sometime after World War II, manufactured diets became available.  Convenience and  efficiency quickly became the most important factor for us busy pet owners.   Reliable food quality and safety is what we need...and sometimes we need to use food as medicine.   In general feeding a quality manufactured food is good enough.  But some pets don't agree with manufactured diets, some pets need to use prescription diets (Hill's Science Diet or Purina CNM) and sometimes people want different options for their pets (raw, homecooked or a combination).   Below are some links to help you understand what you can do to help balance your pets diet.  

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By; Donald R. Strombeck, Dvm, Ph.D