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We have added Therapeutic Laser to our acupuncture service.  Now we have multiple modalities to help reduce pain, inflammation and promote healing for all our small animal patients.   



What is Therapeutic (cold) LASER?

Low level light therapy is a beam of coherent light waves applied to an injured area on the body.  The light waves (or particles) are packets of energy (photons) that are absorbed by cells.  In the cell, specifically, it is the mitochondria that absorb the photon (light wave or particle).  Mitochondria are the energy factories of cells.  They have photoreceptors that get stimulated by the LASER.  When the mitochondria of the cells absorb this light they can make more ATP.  ATP is energy, quite literally ATP is the currency of the cell and therefore of all the molecular/chemical processes of the body.  When the mitochondria make more ATP the cell can do all its work better.

When therapeutic LASER is applied to the body, say over a wound or surgery site, the light waves/particles stimulate and enhance the function of the white blood cells, the chemical messengers of the immune system and stimulate fibroblasts to begin the healing.  In joint disease LASER decreases inflammation which in turn reduces pain in the joint and surrounding tissues.  It is very useful for chronic osteoarthritis and post orthopedic surgery.  Other inflammatory diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, cystitis, anal gland saculitis, otitis and stomatitis show improved symptoms and faster healing.  LASER speeds healing of dental extraction sites, surgery sites and other wounds.

LASER treatments are completely non-invasive and holistic.  A probe is held over the wound or injured joint for a unit of time.  The light therapy stimulates the animals own immune system, his or her inherent healing mechanisms , to work more efficiently.

Dr. Tullett invested in a therapeutic LASER soon after she finished her acupuncture course.  She uses both modalities for many of her surgeries and dentals, along with acupuncture.  LASER is incorporated into many of her acupuncture cases as well.  Dr. T feels her dental extractions heal faster with a LASER treatment.